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Briscoe Solutions

A developer of management software designed for mid-market businesses.

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Briscoe Solutions Inc. is an innovative software development and marketing company that provides business and financial software solutions to businesses of all sizes. The software we provide essentially organizes information so that it can be used intelligently to make decisions, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, see trends or opportunities, and manage your business effectively. The company has been building its reputation since January 1999 and incorporated in the province of Manitoba on November 5, 2002.

Today, Briscoe Solutions has provided software solutions for companies in the industries of finance, health care, transportation, agriculture, forestry, and charitable organizations. Our company’s flagship product offering is called VividReports™ and it is in use across Canada and the United States.

Thus far, we have been primarily expanding by word of mouth passed on by our satisfied customers. We employ highly competent programmers and consultants who possess expertise in both computer programming and business practices and this gives us the unique advantage of being able to see solutions easier by understanding both of these complex and critical areas at the same time. At Briscoe Solutions we believe in efficient and friendly service where customer satisfaction is the top priority. We know that time is money and that every solution we implement is being purchased to make our customers more efficient in one way or another. Whether that is reducing the time required to answer questions about your business, produce and analyze financial statements, process orders, or provide excellent customer service.

We realize that almost anyone can come up with a solution to a business problem. However, the real genius is in finding the one solution that is the best both now and in the future in terms of addressing the issues and while keeping the costs of implementation to a minimum. We continuously strive to provide our customers with the finest business software products and consulting services on the planet.

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