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The General Ledger module tracks all transactions that have been posted. The G/L can then display all transactions in detail; and report all transactions through financial statements. The General ledger is based on a chart of accounts that includes seven main categories: assets, liabilities, revenue, disbursements, expenses and suspense. The general ledger will update continuously so your bookkeeping is always current. For auditing purposes, you are given the ability to print out any and all transactions that affect the chart of accounts. Additionally, Brief Accounting will automate the printing of a hard copy record of every posted transaction. The general ledger is completely customizable and allows you to:

  • Modify the chart of accounts
  • Create and post adjusting journal entries
  • Monitor activity and view accounting detail for each general journal entry
  • Monitor activity and view accounting detail using a blank account journal.
  • Print the trial balance
  • Print a balance sheet, with the option of including work-in-progress
  • Print the income statement, including the work-in-progress
  • Print general ledger cards

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