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Bravo Software Group

A developer of business management software.

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Bravo Software Group have been developing add-ons for ACCPAC since 1987, and are Great Plains and Adagio Development Partners. They are licensed to add-on, modify and interface to create customized software solutions. Our extensive business experience has made us first choice with extending system functionality to other external systems such as the internet, banking systems, and electronic commerce. We are dedicated to our time proven history of product development, reseller channels and end user support.

Since 1985, Bravo Software Group were the first company to provide Faxing, Remote Solutions and EDI integration to ACCPAC Plus. Over the years we continue to lead with automation products such as sales automation and web shopping cart integration with our product RemoteDesk e.Commerce.

Our products and services will get you up and running on the web with complete end-to-end integration from your back office Sage ACCPAC database to your corporate website. Let us show you how we can dot.com your business using our e.enabled products and dealers.

In addition to making sure your website integrates to your accounting system, we also have a division dedicated to helping you design, create and publish your vision.

Product Lines

  • EDI-PAC for Adagio

    An EDI software system designed by Bravo Software Group.

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    • Remote Desk

      An EDI application designed for Adagio by Bravo Software Group.

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