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4Q’s Inventory module is an integrated component with in the 4Q Business application, which provides support for multi-level assembled inventory, clients, sales orders, vendors, purchase orders, and sales tax.

4Q supports LIFO, FIFO or Average costing, serial and lot number tracking, multiple warehouses, multiple quantity specification, Just-In-Time assembly, Assemble to Specification, USA and VAT taxes, tracking of item levels available, in stock, and on order, and revenue and expense tracking by customer sales / vendor purchase accounts, or by inventory sales and purchase accounts.

There is extensive support for multiple price levels, pricing and discount formulas, contract pricing, specific vendor pricing, and sales rep commission schedules.

With the optional foreign currency module 4Q also supports multiple currency product pricing and costing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with 4Q Inventory:

"4Q Inventory" is part of the 4th Quarter Accounting Solution line of products, developed by Braided Matrix.