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4Q’s Multi-currency (MC) Module extends 4Q’s patented accounting engine. The system provide high-level support for an unlimited number of foreign currencies, each with an unlimited number of currency rates (Buy, Sell, etc.), a data base of time- and date-stamped exchange rates, rules for the use of foreign currencies based on the age of the exchange rates, and rules for individual users’ ability to change these rates.

Applied to the 4Q Core system MC provides a multi-currency chart of accounts, tracks both the system’s base and each accounts’ foreign currency balances simultaneously, and allows you to create financial reports in single or mixed currency formats.

Applied to the 4Q Business system MC provides multi-currency pricing, costing, and commissions for the sale and purchase of inventory items.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with 4Q Multi-Currency:

"4Q Multi-Currency" is part of the 4th Quarter Accounting Solution line of products, developed by Braided Matrix.