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Braided Matrix

A developer of business management software.

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Braided Matrix, Inc. develops and markets 4th Quarter Accounting Solution (4Q), an integrated, multi-user accounting system for small to mid-sized businesses. 4Q embodies a new design created to support the many unique information technologies needed by contemporary post-modern businesses.

In 1989 Braided Matrix embarked on the 4th Quarter project to design a new kind of accounting system that would provide an independent foundation able to support any business. The result, which embodies original concepts in database design, was awarded a US Patent in 1998.

4Q is the only system that separates business from accounting operations to provide a single, general purpose “accounting engine.” Flexibility is the hallmark of 4Q. It can support any type of business, and any manner in which a business might evolve. Braided Matrix, our VAR’s, or your own programmers can install, modify, or attach the 4Q Accounting Solution to meet your specific needs without modifications to its core. 4th Quarter can also run as a complete “out of the box” accounting system, without modification, in a host of large and small configurations.

We shape the way information is created and managed. We help our customers define and engineer their key processes.

We continue to forge this new path. We are taking the best of current technology and providing comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective systems that keep up with the rapidly changing contemporary businesses environment. If you are looking for a system that will support unique products and services in a changing environment, our technology is your best solution.

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