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The extensive vendor tracking system includes worker’s compensation insurance information and expiration dates, detailed and summary open item aging reports, year-to-date purchases, 1099s and detailed check history.

  • Fast, efficient invoice entry screen.
  • Multi-User invoice entry screen.
  • Automatic worker’s compensation expiration warning.
  • Automatic general liability insurance expiration warning.
  • Duplicate invoices rejected automatically.
  • Each invoice can have unlimited distributions.
  • Simple void check and void invoice routines.
  • Automatic warning for overcharges on committed contract costs.
  • Automatic warning when purchase exceeds your job cost estimate.
  • Automatic warning of missing 1099 and social security information.
  • Invoices can be entered and posted in real time or in batches.
  • Allows a variety of payment terms.
  • Automatically displays job-to-date costs and estimate variance (over or under).

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the JobBooks101 line of products, developed by Boon Resources LLC.

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