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MAG-C W2 allows you to prepare and file Forms W-2 with SSA. All calculations and data transfers are automatic. Input your data and let the program instantly format your forms into files which can be submitted to SSA on diskette or electronically . A data conversion utility is available to convert ASCII delimited files for instant data import.

  • Forms are in familiar IRS-format.
  • Full program documentation is included.
  • Extensive error-checking at the input stage, double-checked during format.

Compatible with Windows: 3.1/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, DOS, OS/2

Data entry optimized with auto-save, autocalc, error-checking. Laser printing for recipient copies; fold to standard windowed envelope. Also prints to Nelco preprinted, 4-up W-2 forms for the big jobs.

State Filing - In one quick & easy step, separate your federal file into separate files by state. Produce ‘S’ records for any and all states which accept the MMREF format.

Other - Easy corrections functions; Records search feature; Submit 146 separate Payors in one submission; Unlimited number of Payees; Speed - Zero wait times