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Bockmon Tax Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Gary Bockmon, Enrolled Agent, dba Bockmon Tax Systems has produced tax related software for tax practitioners and businesses since 1987. All programs are designed to be easy-to-learn with a primary emphasis on speed of operations.

We currently offer 3 software packages for filing electronically with IRS & SSA: MAG-C W-2, MAG-C 1099, and MAG-C 1042. The internal forms are designed for fast printing; validating and formatting the largest file takes seconds. We also offer a conversion option which will convert ASCII-delimited files to the MAG-C format. Recommended if you have more than 100 forms.

For evaluation purposes, we make the prior year versions of MAG-C available for free download.

Gary Bockmon is owner, primary customer contact and provides full email support. We have one full-time employee and one part-time to handle the paper, help with machine maintenance, and do routine data entry. We generally operate on a network of 5 PC’s, each equipped with an HP high-speed laser printer. When necessary, we have 3 stand-alone systems which can be manned by temporary employees.

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  • MAG-C

    A payroll application designed by Bockmon Tax Systems.

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