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IAS, IFRS, Basel II, and Sarbanes-Oxley are just some of the better-known examples of the increasing burden of regulatory compliance.

In every sector, organizations are under pressure to satisfy new laws and regulations. Not only are there more rules; the rules are stricter and the penalties for failing to comply are more severe. On the other hand, organizations often have a fragmented approach to performance management that makes it difficult to combine financial and non-financial data in a unified and consistent manner.

The challenge is to implement a comprehensive CPM approach which would bring together various performance management and regulatory initiatives, providing a single version of the truth at all management levels for all types of information.

Our company offers the structure required to comprehend the full scope of the compliance challenge. With BOARD, everything is there to create the proper controls for basic information processing and production, as well as more complex controls to aggregate and integrate crucial information. All these capabilities are available through a single and integrated framework. Thanks to its unique all-in-one environment, BOARD statutory financial reporting software makes possible a broad CPM approach to improving governance and performance management possible, while at the same time addressing compliance requirements.


  • Single integrated framework for support, control and management of Performance Management processes including ABC, profitability analysis planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and score-carding
  • Single version of the truth ensuring data accuracy and consistency
  • Complete process management including workflow, audit trail, versioning and status control
  • Ad-hoc and managed reporting
  • Drill-through and ad-hoc queries to provide detail and transparency behind the numbers

Other Applications

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"Statutory Reporting " is part of the Board line of products, developed by Board International.