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BOARD provides a complete Visual Modeling environment to create sophisticated models for the allocation of costs and earnings, generating detailed views of company profitability and optimizing pricing, product inventory, bundling and commercial policies.

Thanks to the multi-dimensional logic, costs and earnings can be calculated to the lowest level of detail and automatically distributed by aggregation to different objects, allowing immediate association of several analysis perspectives (e.g. highlighting product earnings in relation to a specific customer).

In this way, in addition to the traditional marginality by customer and product, BOARD makes it possible to calculate profitability at various levels of hierarchy and drill-up and drill-down to aggregate and disaggregate data for each analytical or reporting dimension.

The multi-dimensional “what-if” and “goal seeking” capabilities make it possible to test hypothetical scenarios to verify the potential impact of future events or new business strategies, providing a powerful tool for simulating and optimizing corporate profitability.

In addition to offering multidimensional and simulation capabilities, BOARD stands out from conventional cost controlling solutions for its ability to integrate margin analysis with the processes of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, providing control of the future economic performance of the entire organization.


  • Visual, flexible and multidimensional modeling environment
  • Single integrated framework for support, control and management of Performance Management processes including ABC, profitability analysis, planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and score-carding for a perfect profitability analysis and financial planning.
  • Support for all activity-based costing methodologies, including bottom-up, consumption-driven ABC
  • Simultaneous multi-users read and write access to each model
  • Unlimited scenarios, activities, cost drivers and cost objects to build even the most complex models
  • Data extraction and validation from ERP, databases, spreadsheets and other data sources
  • Ease of maintenance: changes only have to be made in one place, and all other references are automatically updated throughout the model.

Other Applications

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"Profitability Analysis" is part of the Board line of products, developed by Board International.