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BMB Group, Inc

A developer of business management software.

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Established in 1996, BMB Group soon became a trusted global business technology, advisor to more than 2,500 industry-leading customers. The company specialized in delivering high availability solutions & services that span the spectrum of Information & Communication Technology. In doing so, it played an integral role in reducing down time, maximizing investments and optimizing businesses through technology. With a 3 dimensional characteristic, BMB through its divisions – Direct, Move, Reach - is a pioneer in the industry for the EMEA, UK and North American region, with services ranging from project design, consultancy, management, implementation, to after sales support.

The Move Division of BMB Group specializes in Enterprise Mobility software for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) wholesale distribution, field service organizations and companies with complex mobile business processes. BMB has been very successful with companies in the Foodservices, Beverage and Consumer Products industries that are concerned with the costs associated with: missed sales opportunities, managing frequent paperwork bottlenecks that slow down the Order-to-Cash process, or restrained by the amount of time it takes to process customer orders, invoicing, and proof-of-delivery.

Founded with an expert workforce as the core of the company’s value chain, it offers worldwide professional services through a mobile and dynamic team. With over 300 employees, BMB community focuses on professionalism, drive and perseverance, thus acquiring an exclusive identity.

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