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The Bluegrass Purchase Order module updates your last cost as each purchase order is entered. This assures current cost figures. But what if you make a special purchase and you don’t want this reflected in your last cost? Just say no to update last cost and this feature is skipped.

Job Cost and Service Management is updated when the purchase order is received, eliminating the problem of materials not being charged to the job. Any extra materials can be charged to stock. Lump sum orders are tracked by dollar amount and items received.

Purchase orders are electronically matched to the Accounts Payable invoice. Never again pay an invoice for more than you were quoted. Freight may be entered as a separate item on the invoice and multiple shipments are no problem. Below are some of the other features:

  • Identifies payment terms, shipping terms, ship via, and FOB point.
  • Allows special instructions, unlimited messages, and notes for each purchase order.
  • Tracks order date, requested delivery date, and date received.
  • Codes frequently used shippers and terms for quick entry.
  • Integrates with Bluegrass Inventory module to increase speed during data entry.
  • Supports an inventory database if you do not need Bluegrass’s Inventory module.
  • Supports taxable, non-taxable, and special order items.
  • Supports discounts for each line item.
  • Allows editing of purchase order line items during the receiving process.
  • Provides vendor, item, and job searches.
  • Distributes to General Ledger and Job Cost by line item.
  • Allows the closing of purchase orders,
  • Even if not received in full.
  • Interfaces with Estimating, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, and General Ledger.
  • Select correct price per vendor.
  • Allows view of all vendor prices for the item.
  • Cross reference search to vendor part number.
  • Electronic Transfer.

View all Purchase orders for a job, vendor or buyer just enter the desired filter information and hit the search button.

If you wish to see the detail of a particular PO, simply highlight it and drill down to view details.

If you wish to make a modification to a purchase order or see comments you can select the modify PO button from either inquiry screen.

Purchase orders print with all the information needed by your vendor. They may be printed on stock paper or custom forms. They may be printed with or without costs.

Bluegrass also allows you to direct your printed purchase order to your fax. Whether printing or faxing, you specify the job range and/or desired vendors.

Submittals - On jobs requiring that technical specifications be submitted, the tracking is started with the purchase order. You may update and view the submittal status of all items for the job at any time.

Automatic Receiving - For call-ins from the supply house there is no need for a separate receiving step. The purchase order is placed and received in one easy step.

Purchase Order Status Report - This report details all pertinent information about outstanding or closed purchase orders, including the original order amount, received amount, and remaining on order.

Purchase Order Receiving Report - This report details the receiving history against the original purchase order. This allows you to trace the history of any previous receivings.

*Material Tracking * - A vital part of the management of any job is the tracking of materials and equipment. With Bluegrass the tracking starts with the estimate for original quantity and includes any change orders for a revised estimated quantity. Requisitions from stock are detailed with a requisition number and quantity. Date, purchase order number, and vendor list purchase orders placed and received.

If you ship material and equipment to the job site, we will print the packing slip for you and include this information on the report. If you don’t use Estimating, the Material Tracking Report is valuable for keeping track of the quantity of each item used on the job.

Purchase Order Interface to Other Modules - Estimating can automatically create a purchase order. Modifications can be made in Purchase Orders before printing or faxing. When an item is received, the total amount of the received item is passed to Accounts Payables. The supplier invoice may not be entered for more than this amount.

At the time of receiving, Job Cost is also updated with this same amount. One purchase order may be split between several jobs or between jobs and stock.

If the purchase order was for a Work Order, the detail is transferred to Service Management, with the correct price per your chosen mark-up method.

For stock items, the quantity on hand is updated in Inventory. For all items the last cost is updated and the cost per vendor is saved. Purchase Order History is maintained per item and for as long as desired. This provides the cost, quantity, and vendor for each item.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.