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Construction payroll is typically much more complicated than other businesses. There is no better or easier way to handle this difficult, time consuming, and vital task than the Bluegrass Payroll module. Even if you have employees that work in multiple states, have to comply with Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements, are union contractors working in multiple locals, with multiple trades or have multiple workers compensation rates depending on the job being performed, Bluegrass has the tools to get the job done quickly.

  • Allocation based on labor cost – If you allocate indirect cost based on labor, Bluegrass provides the ability to allocate these costs by employee automatically with the payroll process.
  • Davis-Bacon processing – For prevailing wage jobs, Bluegrass selects the appropriate rate for the job, different trades and effective date. The system also provides for adjusting the fringe benefit portion of the prevailing wage by the allowed benefits for company provided health insurance, vacation, etc…
  • Union – Bluegrass handles all union requirements. Even if you have employees that travel between locals, whether their fringes are paid to the home local or the away local, Bluegrass is designed to handle the requirements. Even reciprocal agreements are supported.
  • Flexible labor burden calculations and distribution – Bluegrass provides a very flexible method of calculating labor fringes and deductions. We even calculate the appropriate federal, state, and local taxes on these fringes and deductions. Job Cost and General Ledger are updated and reporting is provided.
  • Layoff checks – Because employees often leave in the middle of a payroll period, Bluegrass provides the ability to easily produce a layoff check at a moment’s notice.
  • Multiple timecard input formats – The standard input format is by employee, job, and cost code by day. This input allows for charging expenses and equipment to the job. Other formats are available and time may be automatically posted to the Payroll system in a variety of ways. Work orders, from the dispatcher or the technician, remote job sites, or hand held devices can all update payrolls. Any automatic entry can be edited before checks are processed. If you enter time on a daily basis, why not make this important part of Job Management available to your project managers on a daily basis? With Bluegrass, you can! We provide an update to Job Cost that saves the information for payroll. If a mistake is discovered, a simple adjustment entry will adjust both Payroll and Job Cost at the same time.
  • Crew Time Entry – If you have jobs with crews that are fairly constant over several weeks, you can significantly reduce your input time with the crew hours type of input. This optional module allows you to log time for an entire crew with a few mouse clicks. Available in both desktop and PALM versions. Worker’s Compensation by work type – If your workman’s compensation rates are based on the type of work performed, you may enjoy significant savings and reduced workers compensation cost by using this method of calculation. If your employees typically perform the same type of work, you can calculate based on the employee.

In addition to the normal payroll functions of calculating taxes, handling travel pay, and generating quarterly reports and year-end W2s, the Payroll module includes these features:

  • Allows for random entry of time codes or time sheets on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Allows input of data from multiple sources and multiple formats.
  • Selects rate from prevailing wage table, union file, or employee master file.
  • Allows for multi-city tax deductions and user defined tax tables.
  • Figures union fringes at time of entry and can be immediately reflected on the job.
  • Allows for the distribution of salaried employees’ hours to be specific job.
  • Handles company burdens.
  • Prints certified payroll register in the number of copied needed.
  • Retains check history and include check reconciliation module.
  • Maintains dates of hire, termination, pay rate, and review.
  • Prints multiple pay rates and deduction detail on payroll checks.
  • Allows payroll adjustments after checks are calculated, but not yet printed.
  • Integrates with General Ledger and Job Cost.
  • Provides optional direct deposit.
  • Multi-state/locality.

Payroll reports are the backbone of any good payroll system. Contractors often have special reporting requirements related to union, prevailing wage jobs, and Workman’s Compensation. In addition to a full complement of wage history, tax and job cost reports, Bluegrass addresses the special reporting needs of our contractor clients. A small sample of the numerous standard payroll related reports available with Bluegrass are included here.

  • Workmans Comp Report – detailed report by WC code.
  • Payroll History Report – detailed report on employee earning, deductions, and time worked.
  • Union Reports – Flexible reports print hours, burden and deductions as required for union reporting. Non-union contractors to report other employer paid benefit can also use these reports.
  • Time Card Edit List – The edit list can be printed by employee or by job for easy reconciliation with the manual time cards. Payroll time card entries can be edited at any time before updating, even after payroll has been calculated.
  • Tax Reports – Tax reports can be printed for any period of quarter and W2 forms can be printed at any time after year end. If you are not ready to print W2s before the first payroll of the new year, just select save from the year end menu and all information will be saved. You can process payroll for the new year and adjust and print W2s at any time from the file.
  • Certified Register – This report meets all certification reporting requirements for Prevailing Wage jobs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.