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Fully integrated with other Bluegrass modules, Residential New Construction simplifies the complete process for those contractors that do work for builders.

  • The builder table stores billing information and lists the subdivisions for each builder.
  • The subdivision table stores the sales tax code and lists the models available in each subdivision. Each model has the list of materials needed along with the options available for each model. For those contractors that pay piece rate, the piece rate is stored for each billing phase and option.
  • To start a new home, simply select the builder, pick the subdivision and model along with any options. The job is automatically set up and work orders are created for each billing phase. A material list is created which can be automatically turned into a picking ticket and/or a purchase order.
  • When closing the work order, the piece rate is assigned to the first technician on the work order. Other technicians can be added to the work order and the piece pay divided between all technicians on the work order. The piece pay and the hours actually worked, with zero rates, goes to payroll and the work order is available for billing.
  • The Residential New Construction module has its own billing, which pulls information from the applicable tables. To create an invoice requires only selecting the work orders to be billed.
  • Everything else is automatic!

See how this module can:

  • Save job setup time
  • Help control inventory
  • Make billing more timely and with consistent descriptions.
  • Provides the ability to tie job back to a builder and subdivision even after the customer has changed to the homeowner.
  • Assure that all options are billed

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"New Construction" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.