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If your business requires the stocking of inventory, Bluegrass has the solution for controlling that costly endeavor. Even if you purchase material directly for the job and don’t require tracking of inventory quantity, this module is still a worthwhile investment. The Inventory module provides a database to track cost, supply item descriptions, and determines prices. As with other Bluegrass modules, tremendous flexibility has been built into the Inventory module.

Other features of the Inventory module include:

  • Calculates and maintains items cost by average cost, last cost, Trade Service Price (TSP), or basis cost.
  • Bases price charged on quantity ordered, customer type, or markup.
  • Interfaces with National Price and Trade Service.
  • Provides for multiple locations.
  • Allows unlimited descriptions of items.
  • Includes a multi-level product category search for ease in locating an item.
  • Searches for items by description, number, or product category.
  • Prints Reorder Advise Report for items at or below the reorder level.
  • Prints evaluation Report by location based on last, average, or basis cost.
  • Print tags or count sheets for physical counting.
  • Stores price paid for the last three purchases.
  • Bar Coding for receiving or stock transfer.
  • Serialized Inventory tracks each serial number for those items requiring serial tracking.


The use of assemblies speeds up invoicing and estimating. You may use flat rate pricing for the assembly or markup the cost of the items that make up the assembly.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.