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Our Accounts Receivables Billing system was designed to provide all types of contractors with all the timely information needed to manage cash flow. As with the other modules, flexibility is the key.

Customer Account Inquiry provides a wealth of information about your customers

  • See open receivables or include history.
  • Drill down to the invoice and even reprint if necessary.
  • Job information is listed so communication with your customer includes this important information.
  • Contact person and phone number are displayed so collection calls can be made from the screen.
  • Comments are available at the push of a button so you will be able to review what was promised as well as record new notes.
  • Press the additional information button to see account balance, unposted balance, last payment amount and date as well as YTD and PTD sales.
  • A summary version of Account Inquiry is available that lists invoice and payments on the same line.
  • If there is more than one payment on an invoice, a drill down details the payments. Information about customer balances may be displayed on the screen for quick analysis, as shown here.
  • Commissions – If you pay sales commission, Bluegrass has a number of reports to provide you with sales and gross profit per salesman. Sales commission is automatically calculated in the Close Job process. Counter sales also provide automatic calculations.
  • Customer Notes – Bluegrass provides the capability to record notes, so that during collection calls, notes can be entered into the system to reflect promises made. Notes may be used proactively if promises are kept.
  • Finance Charges – finance charges can be automatically calculated and shown on statements. You have the ability to exempt a customer from the finance charge calculation. Once calculated, finance charges can be modified prior to posting to Accounts Receivable.
  • Miscellaneous Cash Receipts – Provided to enter cash receipts for items for which there is no invoice issued. For example, refund of plan deposit.
  • Cash Receipts – Enter check number and check amount then just point and click to select invoices to be paid by this check. If the invoice in unknown or for a deposit on a job that has yet to be billed, you may enter as an open credit and reapply at a later time, when the proper invoice(s) has been identified.

Automatic reapply

Accounts Receivable links to service contracts to provide a time saving feature. Cash receipts for service contracts can be entered ahead of the invoice and when invoice is generated the cash receipt can be automatically applied before printing the invoice.


All billing functions interface with Accounts Receivable and are integrally tied to the job status module. Service Management and counter sales have their own specialized billing functions. Other billing methods include American Institute of Architects (AIA) payment documents, contract progress billing, free form billing, and ticket billing. Billing information may be linked to a report writer or Excel to produce custom billing documents.


Bluegrass tracks the retainage calculated in AIA and progress billing, automatically moving retained receivables to Accounts Receivables when retainage is billed. AIA handles retainage on a line-by-line base and allows for different retainage percents for work complete and stored material.

Sales Tax

Bluegrass has a great deal of flexibility built into the calculation of sales tax. Up to 999 sales tax codes are available. Each tax code can be coded as to whether to tax material or labor.

Other Accounts Receivables/Billing features include:

  • Prints aged receivables by customer, job, or salesman.
  • Handles cash receipts automatically, showing the oldest invoice first.
  • Computes service charges and prints statements for specific customers.
  • Allows entry of unapplied cash and non-AR cash.
  • Special unapplied cash receipt entry for Service Contract.
  • Maintains complete billing history.
  • Integrates with Job Cost, General Ledger, Estimating, and Service Management.

Below are descriptions of a few of the wide-ranging standards Accounts Receivable reports:

  • Sales Tax Report – This report lists all the invoices by sales tax codes. The invoice amount, taxable amount, sales tax, and sales tax percentage are printed.
  • Sales Analysis – Numerous reports are available which provide analysis by any date range, detail by invoice number, totals by customer, separation of labor and material, and deposit amounts.
  • Payment Analysis – This report includes the check total and invoice being paid. Any date range can print it.
  • Draw Requests/Billings – Complete AIA G702 and G703 from equivalent billings are produced.
  • Salesman Report – This report can be printed in detail or summary and selected by any date range. It provides sales, cost, and net profit totaled by salesman.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable & Billing:

"Accounts Receivable & Billing" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.