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With our Accounts Payable module, you can now manage the countless invoices without the drudgery and costly mistakes; achieving a whole new level of control over this important aspect of business. It integrates with Job Management, General Ledger, Equipment Management, Purchase Orders and Subcontracts, which supply job information, verifying the amount of the invoice to reduce input time, and ensure a supplier is not overpaid. Purchase Orders post cost as soon as material is received and creates a transaction to General Ledger to book purchase orders received not posted to General Ledger. This feature allows more up to date job cost yet keeping your General Ledger and Job Cost in balance.

1099 processing produces federal 1099 tax forms for non-incorporated vendors/subcontractors paid more than the specified amount. Selection is based on the paid date of checks written so there need not be a year end crunch to produce 1099’s before any invoices for the new year are entered. Cash requirement reports are available to identify pending disbursements. Reports are available by Vendor or Job/Vendor and include selection by cut-off date.

Check reconciliation ability to select all checks in a range plus modern point and click make selection of cleared checks a speedy process.

Flexible invoice selection select invoices to be paid by due date or individually. Partial payments are allowed; discounts are automatically calculated based vendor terms. A pre-check report is provided so that you may review your selection and make adjustments before checks are printed.

Void Checks, if necessary to void a check simply enter the vendor number and check number. All invoices paid by this check will be displayed for review. Press the update button and the check will be voided, the invoices placed back into open payable and all general ledger transactions created. The ability to void a check without adding back to payable is also available. Remit to and order from addresses since many vendors have different addresses for ordering material and remitting payment, Bluegrass provides for both addresses in the vendor files.

Retainage for work you subcontract, Bluegrass will withhold, track and pay retainage with ease.

Subcontract compliance and tracking, Bluegrass automatically tracks insurance expiration dates and checks against the subcontract balance to prevent overpayment.

Use Tax accrues for invoices where use tax is due. Updates job cost and makes information available for use tax reporting.

Vendor Account Inquiry – This is the gateway to much of your Accounts Payable system. List all open invoices, shows invoice and due dates, discount amount and net due. A double will drill down to the distribution for the selected invoice. Invoice not on the open list? Click the history button and select to view by check or invoice number within date range. Distribution drill down is also available from history.

Some of the many features of the Accounts Payable module include:

  • Screen inquiry into vendor accounts, so you can check status of an invoice without printing a report.
  • Distributes invoices to any number of jobs and general ledger account numbers.
  • Selects invoices for payment by due date, job, or invoice.
  • Allows partial payments of selected invoices.
  • Maintains vendor history of paid invoices including check number and date.
  • Calculates payment due date and discounts based on vendor terms.
  • Prints a pre-check writing report to view payment before actual checks are printed.
  • Prints your choice of information on the check stub, detail or summary. This feature allows you to print only invoice number and amount, eliminating the waste of checks for vendors with a large number of invoices.
  • Reconciles cleared checks, making balancing your checkbook a snap.
  • Adjusts automatically all corresponding entries, vendor totals, and general ledger balances, for checks written in error.
  • Updates equipment records. Allows part costs for vehicles or equipment to be charged directly to the piece of equipment. This information is automatically updated to the service work order, with mechanic hours from payroll, if applicable.
  • Prints checks directly without updating Accounts Payable, making it faster to write a single check and eliminating the need for most hand-written checks.
  • Updates commitments and check balances for subcontractor invoices, preventing over-payment and providing a complete report per subcontractor, showing the invoice amount, amount paid, and retainage.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Bluegrass Software Solutions line of products, developed by Bluegrass Technology.