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Bluegrass Software Solutions

A full accounting software system for contractors designed by Bluegrass Technology.
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A full accounting software system designed by Bluegrass Technology, Inc. Scalable software ideal for small to large contractors. Affordable packages for startup businesses.

The best integrated Service, Dispatch and Construction software available. With Bluegrass Software Solutions, you can better manage your Service and Installation Departments by:

  • Create proposals in detail or summary with multiple print options
  • Produce more accurate estimates and compare to actual cost
  • Award proposals and generate job, budgets and material list
  • Automatically create work orders for service contracts
  • User customized Dispatch Board with color indicators to reveal important info
  • Many billing options to choose from such as AIA & Contract Billing with retainage, T&M, Service, Repetitive etc.
  • Tracks history by equipment and service site
  • Tracks warranty per piece of equipment
  • Tracks profitability by customer
  • Improve job profitability by keeping better cost control during the job
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Control vendor and subcontractor cost
  • Screen designed specifically for the Project Manger
  • Several Field applications to choose from
  • Image storing by drag and drop, scanning or inserting
  • Manage your fleet
  • Manage cash flow and better know your business from all points of view

Bluegrass Software Solutions has been designed to meet the needs of all types of contractors. Whether you are a General Contractor, Heavy Highway, Trade or Specialty Contractor, our software has a solution for your management and operational needs.

Why purchase our software? While Bluegrass has been designed to meet all types of Contractors, we specialize in Contractors that have a need for both a strong Service /Dispatch and Job Cost Accounting package. For over 30 years we have been working with service and construction contractors and dealing with their unique situations. We have listened to what you wanted and have always been a leader in taking advantage of the latest technology to keep you up to date. We have developed a comprehensive service and construction management product that is not only logical and easy to use, but very well thought out. Bluegrass Software Solutions is fully integrated within all the modules. With one entry you can establish a service location, and billing customer, set up a job and create a work order. When the service call is completed, the hours the technician turns in go to payroll and billing at the same time, saving you hours of double entry, which in turn, insures that you are billing for all the hours that you are paying your technicians.

More Reasons to Choose Bluegrass:

Support / Assistance

Two lead support persons – Sue Hill / Owner/Developer of Bluegrass and extremely familiar with your industry and Judy Opperman / Software Specialist who has been an end user and support/training tech for almost 20 years with Bluegrass. Eight regularly assigned Bluegrass technical and programming staff in addition to contracted specialty assistance when needed. We are not the typical 9 to 5 company. We pride ourselves on being available when you have a critical issue arise and are just a phone call or email away. We offer our cell phone numbers to ensure you get a response no matter the day or time. You do not get a message that says “you are 40 minutes away from being helped”


Most often within your stated budget. Getting Started Software Packages as low as $10,000 and you can add additional users and modules at any time as your business expands. Onsite Training available for $1,250 per day plus expenses. Telephone Training available for $125 per hour. Annual Support Agreement based on 18% of purchase price. Prerecorded webinars on specific task and manuals are included as part of your support agreement. Total package purchase or Cloud subscription is determined upon understanding your specific needs and requirements. The contents of your purchase are negotiated at that time. Bluegrass provides three options to operate software.

1.) Purchase and run on your server.

2.) Purchase and run in the Cloud.

3.) Subscribe and run in the Cloud (you only own the data).


Bluegrass is always researching and developing to keep our product on the cutting edge and can provide custom tailoring to bring everything you need to one software package. Sometimes one or more aspects of the way you run your business; does not fit a packaged-software. We don’t require you to change what works for you. Whatever your needs, our software is quickly operational.

All Modules are fully integrated-no duplicate entry is required.

All Bluegrass Data Files are stored in a Sequel Database. This gives the user the ability to directly link to Access, Crystal Reports, Excel, Word, or any other standard Windows Products. In addition, reports can be saved so that other software programs such as word processing or spreadsheets can use them. This means that you will always have access to whatever information is in your database in any report format you wish to create. We have found over the years that even with the hundreds of reports that are standard with the package, every contractor at some point or another needs something special.

Easy Set Up:

We can deliver the system completely setup, according to your preferences, including your master files. You can use your own GL accounts or use the standard set we provide. Bluegrass is with you every step of the way.

Data Conversion:

Setup of the system can accommodate conversion of existing files. No need to lose the history you have accumulated over the years. If it can be exported to a spreadsheet or text file, it can be imported into Bluegrass and we are here to help you, or handle the complete project.

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Complete Functionality Module List

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