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The Job Cost (JC) package includes the following capabilities:

  • Uses the percentage-of-completion accounting method. Completed cost available as an option.
  • Flexible cost structure: Job Number (4 characters alphanumeric) Activity/Phase/Pay Item (6 characters alphanumeric) Cost Type (98 available per job; labor, material, etc.
  • Job phases can be set up using a “standard phase library”. A complete computer file of VDOT pay items are included with the software to be optionally used as the phase library.
  • Automatically generates and prorates burden costs Ability to update in multiple months and two different accounting years at the same time Job Cost is updated by all applicable information systems: Accounts Payable, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Equipment, etc. A single transaction flows to all systems.
  • Monitors past and current job costs and acts as a forecasting tool for expected job costs.
  • Heavy emphasis on UNIT COST analysis: Estimated, current month, year-to-date, job-to-date budget-to-date and variance are all reported both on screen and in reports on both a total cost and unit cost basis. Handles original and revised budgeted quantities Ability to input quantities completed using either to-date or current period quantities.
  • Revenue is recognized automatically by entering quantities completed.
  • Subcontractor Control module available as part of job cost when integrated with the AP module.
  • DRILL DOWN approach to reviewing JOB COST data

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRICS Job Cost:

"BRICS Job Cost" is part of the Blue Ridge Construction Software line of products, developed by Blue Ridge Construction Software.