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The BRICS Human resource module is a computer based filing system designed to help you manage employee information. It will also maintain records on all past employees and optionally future employees through the applicant master file. When integrated with the BRICS Document Imaging module you can also store photos, written applications, copies of drug tests, driver’s licenses, training certificates, etc. Any or all documents can be retrieved instantly for review, emails, faxing or creation of a CD.

Many construction companies track HR data using a patchwork of disconnected systems. Documentation is often duplicated in file folders, spreadsheets and Access data bases. This often leads to duplication of data, wasted clerical effort, errors and oversight. Our goal is to offer you a single location where most, if not all, of this data can reside for easy storage and retrieval.

The Human Resource module allows for the extension of data already collected in the Payroll module. The two modules are tightly integrated so information such as name, address, phone numbers, etc., are maintained in a single location. If a phone number is changed in the HR module it is also changed instantly in the payroll module.

Conversion to the HR module is easy since the basic data is already present in your employee master and employee history files. If you have additional data in other systems or spreadsheets we offer conversion programs to help bring that data into the HR data base.

Functional Areas of the Human Resource Software

General Data: This consists of the demographic data already present in the employee or employee history data tables managed by the BRICS Payroll System. In addition you will be able to see a history of all comings and goings of employees with rehire and termination dates for all occurrences.

Emergency Information: This tab will provide storage for an emergency contact and physician information.

Dependents: This tab will provide storage for all employee dependents. This can be used for benefit reporting, etc.

Previous employment: This tab provides storage for previous employment dates and employer names prior to the employee working for your company.

DOT: This tab provides all data required to meet the reporting requirements of your Dept of Transportation. This is critical for construction companies who need to maintain records for all drivers, CDL certifications, licenses, license expiration dates, etc.

Events: This provides for the collection of all data related to any employee related event. Events can be specified by the user of the system but the following are critical to the operation of the construction company and are pre-installed in the system:

**Accidents- Probably the most critical type of event to track. Better management of accidents start with the collection of information and the meticulous documentation of the event. The event module coupled with the document imaging module should help in this area.

Examples of other events which should be tracked include Drug Tests, Training Certifications, and Warnings, Safety violations, Issue/returns of company equipment, pay reviews, and salary increases. Each event has a code and you can set up an unlimited number of event codes in addition to those listed. All data fields may not be needed for all event types but it provides a general framework to collect data on any event relating to your employee. An area for notes is also available to record data not collected in any of the data fields.

Benefits: This will provide storage of data and calculation of benefit information which may or may not result in an employee payroll deduction. Each user can set up their own table of benefits with eligibility rules.

Attendance: This will provide a grid representing the year requested showing all absences. In the future you will be able to enter absence data here as well.

Employee Evaluation: This will allow the entering of performance review data, viewing of previous performance reviews and also allow for the viewing of pay rate history for the employee.  

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRICS Human Resource Module:

"BRICS Human Resource Module" is part of the Blue Ridge Construction Software line of products, developed by Blue Ridge Construction Software.