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BRICS MOBILE is a field reporting system which allows job data to be entered via an electronic time card and transmitted to the home office. Labor time, equipment usage, daily production, meter readings and per diem payments can be entered via an easy to use interface residing on a remote entry device.

The system has three components:

BRICS Field Remote

The Remote software is loaded on a notebook or I-book computer and is used by the foreman in the field to enter data. Data from the home office is transferred to and from the notebook when an internet connection is available. This allows for instant verification for all data entered by the job foreman, reducing the chance of errors that occur with paper timecards. The foreman sees only the employees and equipment assigned to his crew.

BRICS Field Manager

The BRICS Field Manager resides on the home office server. The number of copies of the Manager is limited only by the number of BRICS workstations. It can be accessed from the BRICS Accounting Menu or the BRICS Project Manager menu.

It serves as the collection point for data imported from the BRICS field remote systems. Once the data has been imported the project manager can sort and view the data multiple ways. Additions and corrections can be made prior to exporting to the payroll, equipment and production modules of the Accounting System.


BRICS Sync is the file synchronization module of BRICS Mobile. This program runs as a service and “watches” the local out folder on the field computer. When files are uploaded by Field Remote BRICS Sync detects the presence of the files and automatically sends them to the host computer. Once they arrive on the host computer Field Manager can import them for review, editing, approving and export to the accounting system. Sync also detects new data base tables from on the server and transfers them back to the field computer so Field Remote always has up to date files for data verification.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRICS Mobile Field Reporting:

"BRICS Mobile Field Reporting" is part of the Blue Ridge Construction Software line of products, developed by Blue Ridge Construction Software.