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BRICS Document Management

The BRICS Document Management software allows the user to browse and locate previously scanned documents and organize those documents in a series of system defined cabinets, drawers and folders. When the documents are saved they are “attached” to master file records making them available for easy retrieval.

In addition to scanned documents the software can be used to browse your system’s data folders and select any type of file to be attached to master file records in the same way. A single master record could have attached photos, scanned reports, spreadsheets, word processing documents, autocad files, pdf files and virtually any other file that can be accessed using a scanner or selected using the Windows browse button.

Documents relating to a job, employee, customer, vendor or piece of equipment become a permanent part of your accounting software data base. All documents are stored in a folder hierarchy by job number, employee id, vendor number, customer number or equipment id number for instant retrieval. The maintenance screens in each functional area allow for adding and viewing documents. All documents for a given master record can be viewed as thumbnails or a specific document can be selected individually. All documents are cataloged by functional area and master record. In addition you can sort documents by key words to easily search through all the documents associated with a master record.

After retrieving a stored document and viewing it on the screen the operator will have the ability to print, fax or e-mail directly from BRICS. BRICS takes advantage of built-in Windows XP file viewers to deliver screens with which most Windows users are familiar. You will not have to learn to operate a new or non-standard file viewer. In addition you can easily transfer all documents for a given job, employee, etc to a CD for distribution or offline storage.

The system is easy to use. The path where your scanner has been programmed to send documents can be entered into the BRICS parameters. After scanning single or multiple documents you select the BRICS functional area and master record that you wish to associate with the scanned document. When you click the BROWSE button you will be taken directly to the folder containing your scanned documents. You then enter a description of the document and optional key words that can be used later in searching for documents. After clicking on the SAVE button this document will be moved to the appropriate folder and BRICS will catalog all information for later retrieval.

Document Management is integrated with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Equipment, Job Cost and Human Resources.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRICS Document Management:

"BRICS Document Management" is part of the Blue Ridge Construction Software line of products, developed by Blue Ridge Construction Software.