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The Accounts Payable (AP) package includes the following capabilities:

  • Displays function key options on the screen and allows their use to simplify processing.
  • Comes with a complete Users Manual for operators to use
  • Allows pop up search windows of vendors
  • Allows pop up search windows for all accounts, job numbers, equipment id’s.
  • Access to vendor records by numeric or alphabetic search
  • Allows maintenance of the vendor file, and prints an alphabetical vendor list and Vendor mailing labels.
  • Allows one time payment or miscellaneous vendors.
  • Displays open invoices for vendors or complete vendor history of invoices and payments
  • Allows flexible payment selection, including partial payments, and prints the PRE-CHECK WRITING REPORT to aid in payment planning.
  • Allows the printing of payable checks in batches or “quick” checks for on demand checks. - Allows handwritten checks to be posted
  • Allows both handwritten and computer generated checks to be voided.
  • Tracks outstanding AP checks through Check Reconciliation, allowing input of canceled checks by individual check, check range or by a bank supplied diskette.
  • Retains complete history of all checks and prints the Check History Report.
  • Allows entry and distribution of all payables to jobs, job phases and cost types with automatic distribution to the general ledger. Transaction detail for job cost includes invoice number, invoice date, amount of invoice, vendor name, and description of purchase.
  • Allows for the paying of subcontractors with the automatic calculation and tracking of retainage. Complete Subcontractor control available when the job cost module is installed.
  • Allows automatic generation of an entry to the AR open item file if an AP invoice is charged to accounts receivable.
  • Cash Requirements Reporting with multiple aging periods - List open payables by job.
  • Report available to reconcile A/P invoices with G/L accounts payable account balance to any previous period or year.
  • Federal Non-Employee Compensation (1099) forms can be printed to selected vendors.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRICS Accounts Payable:

"BRICS Accounts Payable" is part of the Blue Ridge Construction Software line of products, developed by Blue Ridge Construction Software.