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Features Include

  • Vendor specifc price per Inventory may be set as default price for Purchase Orders
  • Optional default of unit price to last cost from the same vendor
  • Ability to default the vendor’s part number on the purchase order, and have it print in addition to your product code. In addition, if changed on the PO screen there is an option to carry that change back to the Inventory module.
  • Vendor’s reference number may be recorded (such as there sales order # or quote #) - if it exists, it will print on the PO.
  • Integrated with Landed Cost tracking (see separate specifications)
  • Print Purchase Purchase Order in English or French
  • Purchase Order documents can be generated via integration with Microsoft Word™. You can specify a default Word Purchase Order template, or can choose from any number of templates at time of printing
  • Print purchase order history and open order reports
  • Receive Purchase Order fully or partially, with or without invoice
  • Purchase Order Receive: option to retain un-received items as backorders, or close the Purchase Order
  • Record serial numbers when receiving purchase orders
  • Accrual of purchase orders received without invoice from supplier, with appropriate general ledger postings
  • On screen matching of received shipments with supplier invoices
  • Tracks vendors and costs on posting to inventory
  • Purchase receipts history report allows printing details of any shipment receipt at any time
  • Automatically pro-rates retail sales taxes on non-inventory purchase orders
  • Retain Purchase Order history indefinitely

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the Blue Link ERP line of products, developed by Blue Link Associates Limited.