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Features Include

  • Landed cost factors are added to inventory cost on receipt of purchase order, with the appropriate accruals to specified vendors (carrier, broker, etc.)
  • Define an unlimited number of cost factors (duty, freight, brokerage, duty at different rates, etc.)
  • Define values per factor as a percentage or fixed dollar amount
  • A general ledger accrual account is defined for each landed cost factor
  • A default vendor may be defined for landed cost factors
  • Each factor may optionally be defined to automatically default on each shipment
  • Specific inventory items may be flagged as exempt from specific factors
  • Landed cost accruals are matched against specific invoices from suppliers, brokers, carriers, etc.
  • Variances are accounted for when matching each invoice to the vendor’s accrual
  • Accrual subledger report details the accrued amounts by account / vendor / shipment receipt
  • Variance report details the variances between accrued and actual costs

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Landed Cost:

"Landed Cost" is part of the Blue Link ERP line of products, developed by Blue Link Associates Limited.