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Features Include

  • Multiple Units of Measure: Ability to define unlimited unit of measure (UOM) structures, with conversion factors, facilitating purchasing and selling by weight, volume, pack sizes, etc. Each product code may be assigned to a UOM structure, allowing overrides where appropriate (such as pack sizes) or preventing changes (such as weights)
  • Item reorder level by season and location: Allows for seasonal flucuations to be incorporated into the reorder of inventory, along with the specific reorder levels by warehouse location.
  • Ability to assign different selling prices to inventory items for each unit of measure, for each different currency, with an unlimited number of quantity/price breaks in each case.
  • Sales by month by year: Review 5 year sales trends by product, including margins, units, and sales dollars.
  • Serial number tracking
  • Supports multiple warehouses / locations
  • Inventory count batch update feature can be used to enter full or partial (cycle) counts - both current and retroactive.
  • Track on hand, on order, on backorder, on sales order, last sale, lead time
  • Drill down for units on Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Active Flag: Ability to flag an inventory item as inactive. When inactive the inventory item will not appear in any Inventory selection combo boxes.
  • Review purchase & sales information by item on screen
  • Track multiple vendors with their product and UPC codes, and prices - can optionally be defaulted on Purchase Orders
  • Bill of materials: define components for assembled / manufactured goods, including labor and other soft costs
  • Define kits, which will explode into their components on the sales order
  • Kit / Finished Good Availability: Ability to view constraining components, and calculate the maximum quantity that can be made/sold as a result
  • On screen sales analysis with drill down to detail, and graphs
  • RETROACTIVE inventory listing may be printed
  • Second language description field: will be printed on invoices for customers flagged as second language
  • Sophisticated inventory adjument process
  • On screen display of purchase history, actual costs and FIFO layers
  • Copy product option allows quick creation of similar product items
  • Manufacturer Information: ability to specify manufacturer, manufacturer’s Part Number, and Suggested Retail Price
  • FIFO costing option
  • Use the global price change feature to change all/some inventory prices
  • Handles quantity / price breaks
  • Multi-level discount matrix can be applied to both products and customers
  • Change inventory code and history updates automatically
  • Ability to store pictures and/or technical documents by item

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Blue Link ERP line of products, developed by Blue Link Associates Limited.