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Blue Bear Software

A developer of business management software designed for the educational services industry.

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Blue Bear Software is a California corporation founded in 1990 by JB Leep and Carol Martin, who had the notion they could actually have fun while working with accounting software. Blue Bear functions in a family atmosphere where we provide superb accounting software, work with wonderful customers, and have a good time in the process.

We at Blue Bear have been committed to school activity accounting since 1992. There are two major keys to our success: 1) we listen to enhancement requests from our users and 2) we care. Our exclusive focus on activity accounting allows us to concentrate on making our software easy-to-use and comprehensive. On-site installation, implementation, and training services are always a part of a Blue Bear solution. And we bring along our sense of humor too!

Consulting and Implementation

We work with you to determine how best to configure your Blue Bear school software to accomplish your financial reporting. We want it to work and we want you to be happy and successful. We help you understand how the choice of specific setup options can provide you with the most robust solution for your school or district. We host an annual User Conference every Spring to provide a forum for our users to share their experiences and insights with each other and us.

Training and Customer Support

Blue Bear has great trainers. We can provide training for your staff at your site, or hands-on training in our classroom. We have produced a set of training videos and offer riveting training classes in the basics of using our software. We provide technical support on our 800-number for questions and challenges — answers with a smile.

Custom Programming Services

Though Blue Bear school software is designed to be extremely flexible, sometimes customization is required to get exactly the right fit. Our experienced programming team can make the specific modifications you require - on time and within budget.

Communication — We Talk Like Real People

All the experience and expertise in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate what you know. At Blue Bear, we know a lot, AND we know how to tell you, show you, teach you and have patience during the process. On top of that — our software is especially designed to be used by people who don’t have formal bookkeeping or accounting experience.

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