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SubLedger Plus

A software system designed by BlackIron Financial.
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SubLedger Plus eliminates many of the recurring, low value tasks that accountants perform daily and at the end of reporting periods. Tasks like creating journal entries, building reconciliations, and creating detailed reports and analyses that reconcile to your general ledger.

SubLedger Plus is a streamlined accounting middleware solution that links your host systems to your general ledger and keeps them in balance. It also reconciles general ledger cash and clearing accounts and detects detail level analytical review variances. Integrated workflow routes exceptions to accountants for fast review and correction using the SubLedger Plus Accounting Workbench.

SubLedger Plus offers signficant operational efficiencies and tighter financial controls over traditional methods such as spreadsheet procedures for journal entry creation, reconciliation, analysis and reporting.

Compared to SubLedger Plus, Spreadsheet based procedures have several disadvantages.


  • require manual input and other low value tasks like cutting, pasting, formatting, sorting, and manual matching
  • are not scalable
  • procedures often include complex, multi-step tasks that increase risk of error and require institutional knowledge
  • data is siloed in individual files and cannot be efficiently mined or aggregated
  • based analytics, reports and reconcilations become out of balance as a result of late journal entries and require manual updates
  • have limited security and limited change tracking

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