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Accounting Queue works with Blackbaud’s Windows accounting software to schedule a sequence of tasks that can be executed, one after the other, automatically and unattended. Using Accounting Queue is easy - add tasks to a queue and schedule it to run whenever you want, perhaps overnight or during a weekend. By automating common tasks, Accounting Queue frees up your time so you can concentrate on more important work.

Accounting Queue performs functions such as printing, e-mailing, importing, exporting and posting your financial data. For example, in one queue, scheduled to run at the end of the week, you might include the following tasks:

  • Print an Aged Accounts Payable report on blank paper to the executive director’s printer
  • E-mail a Purchase Journal for today’s activity to your data entry clerk to verify entries
  • Print an Aged Accounts Receivable report on blank paper to the business manager’s printer
  • E-mail an Accounts Receivable Account Distribution report to the business manager
  • Print Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable statements on blank paper to a printer so they can be processed the next workday
  • Post Accounts Payable transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • Post Accounts Receivable transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • E-mail a Trial Balance report to the business manager at home so she can verify the results without going into the office over the weekend

You can create unlimited queues and assign multiple tasks to each one. A queue may be created to run only once, or you may use it again and again. Any queue can be executed on demand or scheduled to run at a specific date and time. Because Accounting Queue is designed to run unattended, it fully documents each task performed so you have a complete record of those tasks.

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"Accounting Queue" is part of the Financial Edge NXT line of products, developed by Blackbaud.

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