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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Blackbaud recommends you consider Financial Edge NXT in substitution.

FundWare General Ledger serves as the heart of your financial application and the central point for all monetary reporting. It delivers enhanced inquiry flexibility, powerful analysis tools, and robust reporting options you need to adhere to strict budgeting and financial performance tracking.

You can

  • Create customized databases and screens with self-balancing fund and program accounts.
  • Drill-down to transaction detail for actual, budget, encumbrance, and even requisition information.
  • Cross fiscal years for online inquiry and standard reporting, helping you manage federal and state grant activity.
  • Isolate transactions for inquiry and reporting using FundWare’s powerful account masking and user-defined attribute functionality.
  • Perform account inquiry by item description and alias number, as well as account masking.
  • Track and report across fiscal periods.
  • Benefit from strong, multi-level security including user-defined group profiles and user-specific print queues.
  • Import 3rd party data seamlessly using FundWare’s standard import programs with full error checking prior to importation, and self-balancing transactions automatically created.
  • Comply with FASB 116/117 and GASB 34 requirements.

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"General Ledger" is part of the Blackbaud Fundware line of products, developed by Blackbaud.

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