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Cash Receipting is a centralized receipting system designed to receipt into Utility Billing, other Black Mountain Software collection and licensing modules and Cemetery Management.

A Few Features are:

  • Query and retrieve payment related information from any of the applications you are receipting for in the same manner as accessing the systems directly
  • Fully integrated with each software module so appropriate databases are updated in real time
  • Allows users to define miscellaneous receipt types and map them to the appropriate Chart of Account numbers in Finance.
  • Automatically spreads partial payments and overpayments between utility services (as pre-specified by the user) with manual override capability.
  • Allows users to make use of the mouse, keyboard, or combination of the two to optimize data entry. Single keystroke entries are provided to maximize speed and convenience.
  • Alerts users if any portion of the balance is 30 or more days overdue.
  • Allows users to query outstanding balances by age.
  • Alerts users when a partial payment or overpayment is entered.
  • Allows users to cancel a mis-posted receipt and re-enter the payment.
  • Resets an account balance to the exact status before the payment was entered whenever a receipt is cancelled.
  • Allows users to perform compound receipt transactions so that a customer using a single check can pay for multiple transactions.
  • Supports the use of a validating receipt printer and cash drawer.
  • Prints endorsement, account, and reference information on the back of a validated check.
  • Allows user-defined combinations of printing receipts, validating checks, and cash drawer controls.
  • Prints uniquely numbered customer receipts displaying the name, transaction date & time, amount paid, method of payment, check number, balance due, and amount of change returned (if appropriate).
  • Allows users to reprint receipts.
  • Supports multiple cash drawers.
  • Allows multiple batches per drawer that may all be open simultaneously.
  • Notifies users whenever an attempt is made to open a new batch while an existing batch is open and not yet balanced.
  • When closing a batch, requires users to enter a control total to assist in balancing
  • Prints an itemized balancing report if a control total does not match the receipting total.
  • Does not allow a batch to be closed until it is balanced
  • Allows users to print any of the following reports:
    • Individual Receipting Journal by Drawer
    • Combined Total Journal for All Drawer
    • Detailed Reports by Drawer and Collection Type
    • Bank Deposit Slip by Individual Drawer or Combined
    • Journal Voucher Report for Accounting
  • Allows users to export a print file in a variety of formats.
  • Allows users to specify date range and transaction type when printing a report.

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"Cash Receipting" is part of the Black Mountain Software Utility Billing line of products, developed by Black Mountain Software.

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