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  • Leave Buckets/Leave Accruals - 3 standard buckets; Sick, Vacation, and Personal time. Complete management of Comp time. Add up to 9 more buckets. Set either for automatic or manual accruals.
  • Salary Schedules - Employee records can be tied to our Budget Preparation Salary Schedules. Provides for quick automatic salary updates.
  • Local Deductions/Employer Contributions - manage deferred compensation, Section 125’s, Annuities, garnishments, 457’s, etc.:
  • Set deduction life by date and total amount
  • Set exclusions for certain types of pay
  • For single rates update all employees by changing global rate
  • Optional ACH Electronic Direct Deposit Module - Employee net wages can be deposited electronically to as many different banks and accounts as needed.
  • Full Integration with Accounting 2.0 - Journal entries are automatically created whenever a payment or adjustment transaction is created and are sent to the Accounting system, which updates the payroll ledgers.
  • Paycheck Correction/Cancellation - Cancellation completely reverses all system entries associated with paying the employee including Year To Date, accounting entries, deduction/contribution records etc. - No manual journal or W2 adjustments needed.
  • Deduction Adjustments - Over withholding errors can be quickly refunded to the employee. Employee Deduction history is automatically adjusted and accounting entries automatically created.
  • Employer Contribution Accounting - Use global settings, individual employee settings or combinations to achieve complete correct expenditure accounting
  • Earned Income Credit processing - Completely supported.
  • Third Party Disability Payments - simple process to update employee YTD figures and pay the employer portion of SS and MED.
  • Paycheck Advances - Provides quick way to produce an advance check, balance is automatically deducted from the employ net pay next regular payroll.
  • View Electronic Paychecks and Stubs - order by check number or by employee name.
  • Reissue Checks - for checks that have been lost or destroyed - allows for quick reassignment of new check # and direct printing.
  • Expenditure Accounting Distribution - Payroll expenditures can be automatically distributed between as many line items as needed on a percentage basis. Timecard entry allows hourly distribution of expenditures as well as exception entries.
  • Time Card Entry - provides for validations of accounting and distribution percentages. Allows unlimited splits by hours or percents and unlimited pay types.


  • Payroll Worksheets - allow the payroll clerk to completely proof all facets of the payroll process to ensure accurate setup of employee records, time card entries and accounting before the checks are processed.
  • Payroll Register and Accounting Register - provides complete information for each employee by pay date or a range of pay dates.
  • Payroll Summary - provides summarized totals by pay date range. Tracks payroll liabilities by showing current accrual, accrual carried forward, amount paid and amount remaining difference.
  • Accounting Reports -includes, Payroll Expenditure Detail, Detail Query, Journal Vouchers, Cash Report, Expenditures by Employee and more
  • Employee Reports - nearly 30 different reports to provide the information you need.
  • Check Reports - includes ability to track both regular checks and ACH payments, Check Status reports and details associated with liability payments and more
  • Employee History - including deductions, contributions, expense and hours history
  • Online Help and Manual-on screen help for every procedure - Want another printed manual? Print another one quickly.
  • User Reports- simple report creator. Create simple reports to enhance the built in set of system reports
  • Volunteer reports - including Worksheet, Register and Accounting Register
  • Deduction reports - includes quarterlies like Workers Comp summary, Unemployment summary, 941 support & State reports
  • Report Packages - put together custom sets of reports for an individual or entity to create a package. Put packages into a group. Set up email addresses. Tell system to send Group of Packages. Sends hundreds of pages of reports within seconds to any number of recipients. Microsoft Exchange or Outlook required.
  • All Reports can be printed to screen for preview, directly to printer, to a file or to email

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