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  • Dependant Information - Available fields: Relationship, Dependent first and last name, birth date, Social Security #, and gender.
  • Emergency Contact Information - Provides set up for two contacts. Available fields: Contact name, relationship to employee, contact address, phone #, and Notes field
  • Education History - Degrees, School, Major, graduation year, Credits, and Notes field.
  • Certifications - Certification endorsement, Certification levels, Folio #, Start Date, and Expiration date.
  • Skills - Skill (CPR certified, Tutor, etc.), Rating, Date and notes fields.
  • Events - Event (Physicals, TB Tests, etc.), Due Date, Start Date, Event Complete indicator and date, and Notes field.
  • Evaluations - Separate evaluation information per job/position, Evaluation date, Evaluator, Extensive notes fields, Start date, Termination date, Termination Code, Next Evaluation Date, Benefits Eligibility date, and Probation End Date COBRA Information - Qualifying event pick list, qualifying date, Acceptance date, Deadline date, Start Date, Expiration Date, Unlimited Election Period Events/Notes field and Unlimited COBRA Participants Events Notes field.
  • Insurance Benefit Amounts - automatically provided by payroll system in concise display.
  • Position\Contract Information - position year, JOB code, main position indicator, Position Name, start and End dates, Location, Grade/Assignment, Supervisor, Start Step, Current Step, Start Year, Lane, Contract Group, Pay Period Salary, FTE, Hourly rate, define # hours in a working day, define # working days in work year, specify # checks for final contract pay, Unlimited Position Notes and general Notes. Specify expenditure accounting distribution or view if set by payroll clerk.
  • Simplify Employee Contract Printing - Create Data Merge file containing field information to merge with word processor Contract template. Merge field data could include contract year, Salary amount, Step and lane position in schedule, etc.
  • Total Payroll System Interface - The Human Resource Application is directly interfaced with your Black Mountain Software payroll system data. There is never double data entry required. If you modify an item in Human Resources, the Payroll files are updated instantly, and vice versa!
  • Pick-List Driven Data Fields - Key data fields allow only predefined values for consistent data entry and reporting.


  • Certifications
  • COBRA Election Period Info
  • COBRA Participant Information
  • Dependant Information
  • Education
  • Evaluation Next Dates
  • Evaluations
  • Events
  • Insurance Benefit Amount
  • Skills
  • Reports can be printed to screen for preview, directly to printer, to a file
  • Create custom reports or edit and modify any of the standard reports

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