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  • Multiple Levels Of Security - allows you to customize access to the system and its functions.
  • Loads Revenue And Expenditure Line Items from bmsGovernment Finance for preparation of the fiscal year budget. This can take only seconds depending on number of lines.
  • Import Of Specific File– Format accommodates getting started first year if Budget already partially complete.
  • Real Time Current Year Actual For Line Item and total preliminary budget for a fund are displayed on each budget line record.
  • New Line Items can be added directly in Budget Preparation = bmsBudget Preparation. Non-Current line items that are no longer used can be maintained in the system for comparison or historical purposes.
  • Provides For Fund Reserves and Adjustment of Cash available for budget purposes.
  • Multiple Budget Scenarios can be saved and/or restored.
  • Transfer Budget Lines To Accounting 2.0 When Desired. Transferring may be done as many times as necessary during the budget process to facilitate on going general ledger accounting transactions
  • Uses Microsoft Excel to create instant graphs of the information based on certain system reports - like Expenditure/Revenue Budget Comparison, Expenditure/Revenue
  • Budget Comparison by Year or Payroll Budget Comparison.
  • Instant Access To Ledger’s month to date totals. Provides total year view.
  • Preliminary Budget Figures - and line items may be added by using a one or a combination of the following methods:
    • Manually in each ledger account.
    • Remotely by department heads using secure access where changes are restricted to their budgets only.
    • Automatically by using the previous year’s budget or actual figures - or - a percentage of either. This can be applied to all budgets or selected budgets by account code range.
    • Centralize payroll budgeting

Integrated Payroll Budget Module

  • Create annual payroll using anticipated rates
  • System calculates account totals supplying line item budget amounts.
  • Build Salary schedules that allow you to quickly do what if cost analysis for budgeting or for salary negotiations. Know instantly how a 3 % salary increase would affect non-salary payroll expenditures.
  • Schedules integrated with payroll to automatically adjust an employee’s salary for longevity pay and other corresponding increases.
  • Payroll Employee spreadsheet allows for anticipated changes in rates at any point during the budget year.
  • Expenditure account changes can also be applied in any month and to different pay types resulting in the most accurate kind of payroll budgeting.


  • Revenue Budget
  • Expenditure Budget
  • Revenues Compared with Expenditures
  • Expenditure by Activity & Object
  • Revenue/Expenditure Summary
  • Fund Summary of Revenues
  • Summary of Appropriations by Fund & Object
  • Fund Budget Summary
  • User Reporting Capabilities
  • Review & Reprint reports capabilities
  • Reports can be printed to screen for preview, directly to printer, to a file or to email
  • Special Payroll Budgeting Reports
  • Payroll Detail Report
  • Accounting Summary
  • Payroll Summary

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