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When you need to bill for services and track a customer’s payment history, Black Mountain’s Accounts Receivable program does the job. AR is great for handling non-utility types of billing where balances must be tracked and late fees or interest applied.

It provides you with an on-going history of transactions to keep a customer’s accounts up to date and in order. And, when you are ready, after transactions are processed, appropriate accounting entries created by AR are posted to the accounting program general ledger.


  • Invoice Preparation – Create different types of Invoices such as Internal and External Billing types. Also has a feature to set up Recurring Invoices.
  • Statement Preparation – A monthly statement can be generated which includes all invoices prepared for the month.
  • Project Accounting – manage expenditures, revenues, and balance sheets (across funds if necessary) by using a project account code.
  • Maintain Customer Information – Detailed information can be maintained on customers. Customers can be grouped for reporting purposes and invoice preparation.
  • Receipt Against Invoices – Receipting is quick. A list of available invoices pops up and the user simply chooses the correct invoice. Receipting can be integrated with our Cash Receipting Module.
  • Recurring Invoices – Any invoice can be set to recur monthly.
  • Full Integration – Billing and Receipt entries create journal vouchers that can automatically be sent to Accounting 2.0 to update receivables, revenues, expenditure reimbursements and cash.
  • Document Editing and Cancellation – A one-step process. No manual journal vouchers required. The accounting entries are automatically reversed. Editing and reposting is simple.
  • Create Product or Service Templates – To speed up invoice entry you can select templates that have per unit calculations built in.
  • Ambulance Billing – Set up information related to Ambulance services such as referring Physician ID numbers, etc. to quickly generate these specialized bills.
  • Insurance Invoices – Access Insurance Form screen directly from the main invoice screen. The Insurance information can print directly to the HCFA 1500 form.
  • Security – Each application provides multiple levels of security to control access to the software functions. Allow access to all functions or limit to specific menus, fields and commands.
  • Credit Invoicing – Credit invoicing is accomplished by creating a credit document for a customer. When the customer is invoiced, an option appears to apply the credit automatically until the entire credit amount is applied.

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