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The Accounting system is central to Black Mountain’s School Software suite. It is chock full of essential functions and features: general ledger, accounts payable, journal entries, cash reconciliation, project tracking, and hundreds of reports. It integrates with Payroll, Fixed Assets, Budget Preparation, and at some level nearly every other Black Mountain application.

Add on modules including Purchase Orders, Remote Requisitions, and the Credit Card Manager will enhance the Accounting functionality to maximize efficiency across many of your daily responsibilities.

With Accounting and Fixed Assets Montana Schools can produce all reports needed to complete the Annual Trustees’ Financial Summary. Alaska Schools are provided with the Alaska Annual Audit Expenditure and Revenue reports as specified by the Alaska Uniform Chart of Accounts for Public School Districts.


  • Accounts Payable – This versatile feature puts you in control of the payables process. It’s built into the Accounting system and its power can be extended by adding the optional Purchase Order, Credit card, and ACH Bill Pay modules. It gives you complete control of vendor records including all the information you need for 1099’s. Additionally it makes handling credit invoices a snap.
  • General Ledger – The flexible Ledger system allows set up of an accepted governmental account structure that complies with generally accepted governmental accounting practices. If your Chart needs some work we can assist you in a revamp. The cost is small compared to the long term benefit.
  • Track your ledger balances, use queries to drill to original transactions including scanned images of supporting documents. Keeping track of expenditures and revenues compared to budgets is simple and supported with a complete set of budget related reports and should you need to create a budget revision the system makes it easy leaving a precise trail of the revision transactions.
  • Cash to Bank Reconciliation – Whether you use one or multiple bank accounts, you’ll find reconciling system cash to bank statements couldn’t be more accurate or detailed. You’ll have all the tools needed to balance with your bank statement(s). You will confidently present financial reports to your elected officials and others, knowing cash balances are right on.
  • Full Fund Accounting – with a double-entry system based on your personalized Chart of Accounts.
  • Multiple Accounting Periods – Allows multiple periods to be open at one time (including at fiscal year end) to facilitate balancing and closing while still getting your current transactions completed. A 13th month is available for year end adjustments.
  • Ledgers updated immediately – Documents are posted when created providing accurate reports for any time period.
  • Balanced Accounting Entries – One-sided entries cannot be posted. The system requires that there is an appropriate offset to each accounting entry. Except for Journal Vouchers all transactions will supply correct offset accounting.
  • Full Integration – All other modules that generate accounting entries are integrated with Accounting. There are never manual Journal entries needed for transactions created in one of our applications.
  • Document Editing and Cancellation – A one-step process. No manual journal vouchers required. The accounting entries are automatically reversed. Editing and reposting is simple.
  • Vendor and Other On Line Queries – Quick look-ups for vendor claim history, revenue and expenditure budgets through query screens.
  • Purchase Orders – Full encumbrance accounting, E-mail or directly fax PO to vendor. Automatically generates appropriate accounting if PO crosses fiscal year.
  • Recurring Documents – Any transaction can be set as recurring on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Interest Allocation – Distribution can be preset. All you have to do is enter the total interest amount and post. The system will allocate the interest to the appropriate line items.
  • Project Accounting – Manage expenditures, revenues, and balance sheets (across funds if necessary) by using a project account code. Manage a grant across fiscal years by setting begin and end date and grant amount.
  • Direct Document Scanning – For Example: selecting the scan button on the claim entry form automatically scans and attaches invoice images to the claim record for instant viewing. Scanning is available for many kinds of system records – Journal Vouchers, Cash receipts, Claims, Vendor, etc.
  • Budget Revisions – During the fiscal year increase or decrease budget amounts with full tracking.
  • Security – Each application provides multiple levels of security to control access to the software functions. Allow access to all functions or limit to specific menus, fields and commands.
  • Fiscal Year Beginning – Create Expenditure, Revenue and balance sheet line items in minutes.
  • Change Codes – A mass code change function used to correct line items where a fund (or other account) code is used inappropriately. Eliminates creating new line items with the new account and then having to JV all accounting entries.
  • Merge Vendor Records – If a duplicate vendor record is set up and used it can be merged with the original vendor record.

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