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Cloud‑based inventory and order management software.
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BizSlate is a cloud-based inventory management solution which measurably helps businesses increase revenue and profit by improving the relationships between customers, orders and inventory.

BizSlate’s award-winning, cloud-based business management solution enables small- and mid-sized distribution and manufacturing businesses (SMBs) to compete more effectively, reduce operational costs, and gain greater visibility into their supply chain. Unlike most other systems for small and mid-sized businesses that start as accounting applications, BizSlate’s solution is designed from the supply chain and operations process inward. The result is a revolutionary approach that provides proprietary capabilities for solving real-world supply chain problems faced by emerging businesses. BizSlate is easy and inexpensive to implement, easy to learn and use, and offers growing businesses tremendous, cost-effective operational improvements. BizSlate improves the relationship between your customers, orders, and inventory, leading to increased revenue, increased profitability, and improved control over operational and inventory costs.

Accounting Integration

If you or your accountants use QuickBooks awesome! We’re build for QuickBooks. But if you are using another financial application there’s no need to change that! Contact us to learn how we can help. BizSlate seamlessly keeps financial data current so you and your finance team can keep tabs on the bottom line. No change. No disruption to your business. BizSlate adds powerful functionality to your business without ripping out your core financial application.


  • Convert QuickBooks into a solution with the same power and efficiency and the systems designed for your larger competitors, without the cost and complexity.
  • Real-time integration with QuickBooks Online frees you of operational barriers as your business grows and you need more capability.
  • Our implementation team helps you easily establish a handshake connection with QuickBooks Online. We import all of your data (e.g. chart of accounts, terms, customers, invoices). As you run your business with BizSlate, the application posts journal entries back to QuickBooks QBO so you and your accountants can print financial statements and do your banking.
  • Manage invoices, reconcile payments, and track accounts receivable balances and aging all from within BizSlate for the best in operational efficiency!

Ecommerce Integration

Building your business with online sales is a great growth strategy but it is critical to have the right systems in place to manage all those new customers and increased order volumes. You can’t get stuck manually entering orders and new customer information into your backend systems. Just as important, you need to be able to accurately manage your inventory across all your sales channels. BizSlate seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce shopping cart, improving accuracy and efficiency, providing a single comprehensive view of your business,and ensuring you can satisfy your customers’ needs in any sales channel.


  • BizSlate provides true Omni-Channel capability by enabling you to effectively manage a single instance of inventory across your ecommerce and all other sales channels for the most accurate real-time account of what is on hand and available at all times.Seamlessly integrate with the best known e-commerce applications on the market.
  • Real-time products and inventory sync.
  • Sync orders and customers across all channels.

Functionality Modules

Inventory Management A successful business starts with proper management of products and inventory. BizSlate ensures accuracy in inventory by managing products the way you use them (e.g. open…

Order Management The heartbeat of your business, order processing and maintaining the relationship between your suppliers, production, and customers is paramount. BizSlate gives you the…

Customer Management You can’t have a successful business without happy customers. BizSlate’s relationship management capabilities improves all interactions across your customers, vendors, and…

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