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Bizowie’s fully-integrated production module makes it easy to manage production of product, parts and assemblies. Our streamlined, customizable workflow ensures that the system follows your process — not a one-size-fits-all boilerplate.

  • Generate work orders manually or from sales orders
  • Tie directly to BOM revisions and drawings
  • Easily work with complex hierarchical BOMs and assemblies
  • Print customizable shop travelers
  • Tie drawings to shop traveler automatically
  • Record accurate cost details
  • Fast and easy summary of stock required vs stock on-hand
  • Get an at-a-glance view of upcoming/scheduled production

ECO/ECR/Drawing Control

At Bizowie, engineering isn’t an afterthought. We’ve built a fully tailored ECO/ECR platform into our system, allowing you full integration with your engineering change control process.

  • Store a handful of drawings, or hundreds of thousands
  • Full ECO/ECR process with customizable workflows (basic workflow through full ECO/ECR)
  • Generate customized ECO/ECR documents
  • e-signing eliminates manual sign-off
  • Control drawings with both internal and customer-specific drawing identification
  • Document printing with automatic watermarks for obsolete or development drawings

Gage Control & Calibration

Your calibration process keeps your production line moving smoothly. And Bizowie’s integrated Gage Calibration & Control module makes sure that your QA processes move just as smoothly.

  • Email or SMS notifications of upcoming and overdue calibrations
  • Automatically derive calibration dates based on a set schedule
  • Track gage usage and derive calibration dates from hours/days used
  • Record individual test points, photos, instructions, etc.
  • Calibration templates ensure you don’t need to enter the same standards for the same type of gage
  • Custom report subscriptions allow automated email reports of calibration details… even at a facility, department, location or owner level
  • Barcode scanner integration or manual entry of etched gage numbers
  • Integrated with drawings, controlled documents, production data and more!
  • Full audit trail of maintenance

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing Suite:

"Manufacturing Suite" is part of the Bizowie ERP line of products, developed by Bizowie.