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Bizowie offers a fully-integrated HR/employee database that provides information on your staff from one convenient location.

Primary Features

  • Standard and custom fields
  • Secure database to track interactions and reviews
  • Store scanned documents in any format
  • Record and store performance reviews, evaluations, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of commissions

Time and Attendance

Bizowie offers a full-featured time and attendance module that can work on a standalone basis or alongside the rest of our powerful cloud ERP platform. Just a few of our powerful features include:

  • Web-based timesheet submission
  • Integration with electronic timeclock devices
  • Report on employees currently in a particular facility
  • Ability to bill time directly to jobs or cost centers
  • Automated adjustments for breaks, scheduling, etc.
  • Correlation with HR records, including time off
  • Customized reporting to meet your needs, including payroll exports
  • Automatic notification of anomalies, including unscheduled clock-in, late arrival, early departure, long breaks, and much more

Electronic Time Clocks

Bizowie offers flexible, feature-rich electronic time clocks that are fully integrated with our Time & Attendance module. Features include:

  • Clock in and out via RFID wireless card swipe, barcode scan, or mag-stripe swipe
  • Offline mode allows clock-in/clock-out data to be stored during an Internet outage
  • Ability to tie time to a job number or cost center from the device
  • Automatic software updates and remote support
  • Fully customizable data prompts

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Human Resources:

"Human Resources" is part of the Bizowie ERP line of products, developed by Bizowie.