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Order Manager is BizfinityPro’s order processing and inventory management engine, offering advanced sales order processing, purchase order processing and inventory management for offline and online orders.

Features Include

  • Incomplete Carts – keep track of what customers are not buying, as well as what they order from you – build a picture of what visitors put in their shopping carts but don’t check out; use the information to analyze shopping behavior and analyze response to marketing campaigns.
  • Incomplete Checkouts – additionally, track the items that visitors are selecting for checkout, but never completing the checkout process
  • Unapproved Checkouts – captures information for all checkouts which failed credit card authorization, allowing you to contact the customer to suggest an alternative payment method.
  • Completed Checkouts – view a list of all online sales, containing full order information (see Sales Orders below)
  • Sales Orders – enter and manage orders (which can also be based on earlier Inquiries or Estimates generated in Sales Manager, or pulled automatically from e-commerce) including quantities and discounts, expected shipping date, salesperson; automatic addressing with manual override; automatic tax and shipping calculation; keep online orders separate, or process all e-commerce and offline orders from a consolidated list.
  • Sales Shipments – comprehensive coverage of full or partial shipments with Packing Lists and real-time inventory integration.
  • Sales Returns – issue Returns Authorizations (RMAs) to customers, track incoming returns and returns to vendor; issue refunds (including refunds to credit cards or printed checks).
  • Package Management – Order Manager calculates the optimal package size and contents (based on dimensions) for each package; the final price quoted to each customer includes a package padding factor + handle fee or markup % at line item or order level; package pricing is based on UPS integration or fixed by quantity, weight, dimension; support is included for UPS EPL mailing label printing.
  • Cancellations – fully or partially cancel any inquiry, estimate, unpaid checkout, sales order, purchase requisition, purchase estimate or purchase order; Order Manager releases allocated inventory for any unshipped or uninvoiced item.
  • Real-time Inventory – Order Manager tracks a wide range of real-time inventory quantities including Available, Committed, On Order (not shipped), On Order (not received), Shipped but not invoiced, received but not invoiced, outstanding Estimates, and others; track receipts and returns with a single set of inventory across online and offline sales; automatic Balance Sheet update on inventory movement.
  • Barcode – support is provided a wide range of barcode formats** for model codes and serial numbers a wide range of barcode formats to track items at the moment of assembly, shipping and receipt.
  • Credit Management* – alerts users to sales not paid, customers over credit limit, accounts past due, on hold or in litigation; settings determine whether the system should ignore overlimit accounts, warn the user, or prevent completion of a transaction.
  • Back-to-Back Purchasing – automatically build Purchase Orders for out-of-stock items on any sales order.
  • Drop Ship – for direct shipment to customers at one or more shipment addresses per sales order, with support for multiple warehouses to determine the point of packing.
  • Fulfillment House support builds an export file of all items to ship by your third party warehousing or fulfillment provider – with automatic inventory update where appropriate.
  • Batch Processing so that you can, for example, rapidly find all the orders ready to ship, and print Packing Lists for them all in a single stroke.
  • Purchase Requisitions – generate internal requisitions requiring approval before issue as Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Estimates – record estimates or quotations from vendors for future reference or transfer to Purchase Orders.
  • Purchase Orders – create Purchase Orders to replenish stock or back-to-back against specific Sales Orders; build Purchase Orders based on default purchasing criteria (cheapest, fastest, preferred) compared against vendor data stored with each item: cost price, lead time, status.
  • Purchase Goods Received – book Items into stock as they arrive; reconcile automatically with Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Returns – record Returns to vendors and track status until a suitable replacement or credit is received
  • Inventory Adjustments – update inventory levels following physical stock checks or manual goods shipments or receipts; automatic Balance Sheet* update on inventory adjustment (with Accounting Manager Pro)
  • Negative Inventory – support for negative inventory (by Preference) in all sales and purchase transactions
  • Reports – An extensive range of intelligent and clear reporting features in Order Manager help you analyze orders and inventory; all reports are available in HTML and Excel versions.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Manager:

"Order Manager" is part of the BizfinityPRO eBusiness Suites line of products, developed by Bizfinity Software.