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Distribution Manager offers all the comprehensive features of Order Manager: advanced sales order processing, purchase order processing and inventory management for online and offline orders, with support for price matrix, item matrix (color, size and other variants), split shipment, drop shipment, multiple shipping addresses per order, back order processing, and returns management.

Features Include

  • Multiple Warehouse support provides comprehensive tracking across multiple sites, including retail locations.
  • Pickup – each warehouse may be also designated a ‘pickup location’ for collection purposes; pickup locations are automatically published to Web Store Creator.
  • Multiple Locations (aisle, area, etc) and sublocations (bins, shelves, etc) provide subdivision for efficient picking and storage management.
  • Sublocations – locations may be further subdivided for yet finer logistical control
  • Picking – automated picking lists help determine the most efficient route to collect items for packing and shipping.
  • Put Away – each item and each UOM or variant may have one or more default storage locations and sublocations; the put away process assesses the optimum locations for storing items after receipt; Distribution Manager maintains current inventory levels for each location and flags overflows.
  • Units of Measure – specify a Base Unit of Measure for each item and keeps tabs on the total number of cases, rolls, reams or packs you buy or currently hold in inventory; use UOM Conversion to break apart or build packs from bottles or six packs or yards - or any other custom unit; you may buy or sell items in any combination of Units of Measure.
  • Multiple Inventory Types – to keep separate track of resale items, rental stock, spare parts, refurbished inventory, or goods you hold on consignment on behalf of a third party.
  • Serial Number Tracking – assign each item with a unique serial number at time of manufacture* and/or at time of shipping (using keyboard wedge barcode reader, as appropriate) to track returns and stock movements to each customer and vendor
  • Lot Tracking – track batches of items received or manufactured* by Lot; each Lot is characterized by its Lot Type which defines custom attributes such as batch reference, date of manufacture or expiration, and others.
  • Substitutes – for automatic substitution where allowed in orders, e-Commerce sales, and Assemblies.
  • Sales Tax – Distribution Manager handles the complex tax implications of shipping from multiple warehouses to multiple shipping addresses - even within the same sales order; sales tax is calculated correctly whether items are shipped from a company-owned warehouse or by a third party holding consignment inventory

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Distribution Manager:

"Distribution Manager" is part of the BizfinityPRO eBusiness Suites line of products, developed by Bizfinity Software.