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Assemblies Manager provides definition and management of manufacturing processes. Subassemblies are handled at unlimited levels, and the system automatically calculates component availability to satisfy outstanding orders and updates component inventory as each item is built and shipped.

Features Include

  • Components – define components and component quantities for assemblies and multiple tiers of subassemblies.
  • Component Types – categorize components for easy identification of component options
  • Substitutes – allow one or more alternatives for components which are unavailable at the moment of assembly Multiple Assembly Types.
  • Finished Goods – any item which requires assembly before shipping; items you deliver pre-built .
  • Bundle – any system or kit which consists of multiple discrete components, but which requires no assembly; ‘kits’ that you deliver ready to assemble, or which form a package.
  • Build To Order – any item which may be configured by customers at time of sale - with the option of setting a base price, plus or minus a figure for each additional component – items which customers can configure themselves from components of their choosing.
  • Assembly Markup – specify labor/assembly markup implications on both sales and cost price.
  • Bill of Materials – print detailed component and cost information for any assembly including subassembly level information, component substitutes, available component inventory .
  • Assembly – process one or more items through concurrent assembly; BizfinityPro will automatically calculate quantity required by outstanding sales orders and quantity available to build through multiple tiers, then decrement component inventory as assemblies are built.
  • Assembly Work Order – for more complex working environments, the system will print a Work Order for each assembly, with:
    • Picking – corresponding Picking List for components;
    • Yield Management – calculated expected and actual yield, based on:
    • Component Scrap – reported during the Assembly process

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Assemblies Manager:

"Assemblies Manager" is part of the BizfinityPRO eBusiness Suites line of products, developed by Bizfinity Software.