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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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In 2001 when most dot coms were going out of business we were just getting started. For a host of reasons, we decided to fund ourselves and stayed clear of venture capital. The vision from the beginning was to automate entire businesses on the cloud which is why we registered the name “bizautomation.com”. In 2001 however this was a long term goal so we started with basic Sales Force Automation (SFA) with evern more basic support and marketing which we called CRM for Outlook Web Access “OWA” (the web version of Outlook). The corporate mission was to piggy back onto the hundreds of MS Exchange service providers referred to as ASPs (Application Service Providers) which at the time was considered the “Next big thing“.

In late 2002 we launched to critical media acclaim, but there was only one problem… the ASP market never really materialized because people just didn’t have enough bandwidth (remember we’re talking 2002) and everyone still had this ”real men host their own software“ mentality. So we adjusted, and began selling our wares to companies hosting their own MS Exchange servers ”On-Premise“, mostly SBS 2000 and SBS 2003 environments.

This experience taught us a valuable lesson - On-premise really isn’t easy to implement or maintain, which as a software company meant that it wasn’t economy of scale friendly (unless you’re Microsoft). There’s a reason why consultants love on-premise - it eats up lots of billable hours. This only reinforced what we suspected early on, that multi-tenant Software as a Service ”SaaS“ where subscribers can share all the resources on a server farm (Codebase, Database, Hardware, Licensing, etc…) was the only way to bring costs way down.

By 2008, after years of development and lots of on-premise implementations of CRM, we launched the first version of our multi-tenant, end-to-end super-suite, encompassing everything we believed based on our experience, our customers would need to manage their entire organization. BizAutomation.com the product effectively transitioned us from an on-premise to an on-demand company. While we decided that we would still offer our product on-premise, we realized that unless it was a larger deployment (50 users or more) the model just wouldn’t make business sense. Since 2008 we’ve dramatically improved the suite, which like any massive software project is in a constant state of improvement. We’ve added lots of features, and just as importantly, we’ve improved on the features we initially built, mostly from customer feedback.

Today, we’re happy to say that we’re debt free, remain self funded, fiercely independent, and continue to enjoy ”BizAutomating“ organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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  • BizAutomation

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by BizAutomation.com for startups and small organizations.

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