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Farm Financial Information

  • Maintains producer financial information, including relationships with external financial entities.
  • Recognizes and supports fiduciary responsibilities (security and integrity) of the enterprise for the producer/financial entity relationship.
  • Allows for enterprise owned or managed services for producers, such as insurance and supply sales.

Calculation of Period Values

  • Utilizes a common, table-driven method that provides clients with the hands-on, user-definable capability to establish a full range of computations for payment, premiums, penalties, and incentives based on volume, quality, or any other client-specific requirement.

Processing of Payments

  • Supports advance or partial payment during the production period.
  • Generates statements for both the production and financial period.
  • Supports payment by check or by electronic funds transfer, by either generating the checks or interfacing with Oracle’s Accounts Payable package.
  • Provides general ledger with payment and related financial values.
  • Allows for the issuance of payments to third parties for properly authorized assignments made by producers.
  • Issues payments for marketing and transportation services.

Other Applications

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"Payment" is part of the Milk Procurement Information System (MPIS) line of products, developed by Biwer and Associates.

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