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Milk Procurement Information System

A multi‑module management system designed by Biwer and Associates for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.
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MPIS has been configured to perform many different types of calculations related to the procurement of dairy commodities. Several complex payment methods have been addressed including butterfat pricing, yield formulas, and component pricing. A wide range of premium structures has also been accommodated including component based, weight based, and zone based configurations. Hauling calculations, both farm deduction and hauler payment, have also been part of our standard packages.

The capabilities found within the MPIS application range from managing farm profile information (including the complex relationships between the producers) to the tracking of farm milk for check generation and government reporting.

Functionality Modules

Payment Farm Financial Information Maintains producer financial information, including relationships with external financial entities. Recognizes and supports fiduciary…

Procurement Entity Profiles Stores relevant data for each producer, as well as any entity associated with the producer. Maintains pertinent field service representative information such…

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