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BirdDog Software

A developer of business management software.

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BirdDog Software provides top shelf ecommerce software for companies who want to do business on the web. Unlike any other ecommerce available to the market today, BirdDog Enterprise is a flexible, powerful, easy to use, fully integrated solution built specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs and successful businesses.

The flagship products of BirdDog Software enable you to expand your business in new ways to new places! BirdDog Software offers Stand-Alone Enterprise software and seamlessly integrated software created for Macola by people who know Macola Software. BirdDog is the undisputed leading solution provider for Macola Software. Our team has been working with Macola for over 15 years, providing reliable business consultation, Macola technical support and custom software applications. Our thorough understanding of how Macola ‘thinks’, paired with our manufacturing and distribution knowledge, creates seamless applications to enhance your daily business processes.

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