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Bio Analytics

A developer of business management software.

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BIO Analytics Corporation is a provider of business intelligence software and services. Founded on twenty years of Microsoft Dynamics implementation experience, BIO’s solutions are grounded in leveraging and extending existing data into real value added information to non-technical users across the organization.

Skill Sets

The company blends extensive business and Microsoft Dynamics implementation experience with in-depth technical experience in the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. Our staff background includes CPA’s, Dynamics implementers, BI consultants, and application developers. This unique blend of experience ensures the success of your business intelligence initiative.

Corporate Goals

BIO is focused on delivering business intelligence solutions, including superior reporting and analytics, to middle market companies enabling them to leverage information into organizational value. Our application development goals are to reduce the cost, complexity, and time to implement a business intelligence platform and provide a solution that is adopted across the organization.


We are passionate about our solutions. Enthusiastic clients inspire BIO Analytics team members to extend themselves in pursuit of solutions that will keep customers satisfied for years to come. A collection of the most zealous customers and partners creates a level of passion throughout BIO Analytics that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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