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Any person who works for a business unit using Bingo CRM is a user. Each user has their own account and is granted access to controlled customer data depending on profile and role. A user account includes information such as telephone numbers, email address, and a link to the user’s manager. Users of Bingo CRM can search and associate with other users of the same business unit of the organization. While each user has privileges and rights to manage their own personal settings, they must first be assigned a role to access other user accounts.

In Bingo CRM a team is a group of users that are able to organize and share information between the group to accomplish a task. A team only has to be associated with one business unit but may also work with users from any business unit for which they are associated with the team. Users can also have access to more than just one team at a time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with User & Team Management:

"User & Team Management" is part of the Bingo CRM line of products, developed by Bingo CRM.