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Showcase the impact of all your updated sales by influencing the most crucial part of your business: Lead & Opportunity Management. With Bingo, you can efficiently and effectively manage your leads to optimize each individual activity that pertains to sales, from the initial lead capture all the way to closure.

Manage your Leads

Bingo CRM offers an automated system allowing for seamless efforts in managing and populating actual updates of each lead. It captures and passes through only highly qualified leads to flow through the funnel. All of your leads and lead notes will automatically be transferred into Bingo CRM as an update.

Opportunity Management

A potential sale or prospective customer, both represent an opportunity in Bingo CRM which can turn into revenue for the organization. Tracking opportunities encourages a drive to achieve and accomplish the predefined set of sales goals.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Lead & Opportunity Management:

"Lead & Opportunity Management" is part of the Bingo CRM line of products, developed by Bingo CRM.